The Lipolaser can help you:

Reduce fat and stretch marks

Shrink skin and lose inches

Reduce cellulite and spot reduce areas

Chin “tucks” with chin fat

Reduce or eliminate muffin tops/ love handles

Yes. Click the two following links for research articles on the efficacy of laser light for fat reduction and body contouring:

1. The Efficacy of the Lipo Laser in Body Contouring and Fat Reduction

2. The Greenway Study

Absolutely! YOLO Curve treatments are completely non-invasive and patients experience no pain. The YOLO Curve’s low level laser technology has been studied and used for over 30 years for several biomedical purposes including wound healing, pain relief and the treatment of inflammation. What can I expect during a YOLO Curve treatment?

Clients relax in a comfortable position while a certified YOLO Curve technician secures the multi-diode paddles and smaller EN probes to the target area(s) for 10 minute per placement. Clients are free to relax, read, listen to music or even receive additional aesthetic treatments. Learn more about treatments

Most clients will see measurable results after their first treatment. However, a standard treatment protocol consists of three, 20-30 minute treatment sessions every week for 3 weeks. Best results are achieved when YOLO Curve clients may perform cardio exercise or utilize the Whole Body Vibration equipment for 10 minutes immediately after their treatments.

Why is water such a vital part of my treatment?

Without the extra water it will be more difficult for your body to eliminate the contents released from the treatment. Give your body the help it needs to carry away the toxins and other substances released by the body that were stored in the fat cells.

Exercising is important to increase fluid movement throughout the body so that the newly released components can be burned as an energy source. After each treatment, participate in some kind of physical activity in addition to your daily routine.

NOTE: Even a small increase in activity, such as an afternoon walk, will improve your end results!

No, the treatment uses a cold laser technology that emits no heat, sound or vibrations. The YOLO Curve acts as on photobiomodulatory principles.

What happens as the laser hits the fatty tissue?

The laser disrupts the external membrane of the fat cell, inducing lipolysis.

No. YOLO Curve is a safe and effective low-level laser device. However, the Laser must never be projected directly into the eyes.
General precautions for the use of lasers should always be considered before using the YOLO Curve laser. A physician should be consulted if the client is dealing with:

Pregnancy, Epilepsy, Immuno-suppressive disorders, Thyroid Gland Dysfunction, Uncontrolled Hypertension, Pacemakers, Cancer, Heart Disease or Cardiac Arrhythmias, Liver or Kidney Disorders.

The YOLO Curve is not recommended for anyone under the age of 18.

Why is post whole body vibration exercise protocol important?

The underlying mechanism with whole body vibration is elicitation of muscular activity. The effects include increased blood flow, increased oxygenation and heat and release of hormone response comparable to that found after resistance type exercise.

Vibration exercise elicits a mild cardiovascular activity and muscular mechanisms of fatigue, requiring energy. While fat, in the form of fatty acids, is a very desirable energy source, it is dependent on the presence of oxygen to be useful.

All these activities create the need for energy. While fat, in the form of fatty acids, is a very desirable energy source, it is dependent on the presence of oxygen to be useful.

The Vibration platform primarily acts by: (a) Stimulating muscles thereby creating the need for energy. FFA’s released by the YOLO Curve combine with oxygen to produce energy. (b) In circumstances where energy is required by the body more quickly than oxygen can be delivered to the required location, the body will switch to its less energy efficient anaerobic system. When the body is using one of its anaerobic energy systems, it cannot utilize FFA’s, but will simply generate less energy and will sustain a greater glucose depletion. This glucose is obtained from the released glycerol and its conversion in liver.

A total length of 10 min on the vibration platform (exercise application) is equivalent to the length and intensity of training stimulus that can be reached only by performing 150 leg presses or half squat exercises with extra loads of 3 body mass twice a week for 5 weeks.


How is the YOLO Curve technology different from competitor devices?

YOLO Curve is differentiated by the “PEA” Principle:

P=Patent: Probes/Paddles are static on the skin. As a result, the YOLO Curve penetrates the tissue in the shape of an egg allowing for better energy delivery to the tissue. This system also targets the stimulation of the body’s lymphatic system to enhance treatment results. When light enters tissue through the skin it is spread and forms a ball of light in the tissue. If a divergent beam of light targets a larger area rather than having direct contact (static on the skin), the depth of penetration is shallower and the light ball in the tissue is flatter and wider.

E=Efficacy: Typical results with the YOLO Curve have proven to be substantially more effective and consistent than traditional competitors.

A=Application: The YOLO Curve is effective in independently targeting diverse areas of treatment: i.e. chin, back, arms, abdominal, thighs, buttocks, chest, etc.

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