Want to discover for yourself the mind-blowing results that are making the PRP Facelift – also known as “PRP” for Platelet Rich Plasma, one of the hottest new facial treatments among celebrities like Kim Kardashian? Yes, you really do. But just what is the PRP Facelift?
What is it?
The PRP process is an anti-wrinkle treatment that is effective because it is based on the use of plasma enriched through a special concentration process derived from your own blood, hence the name, Platelet Rich Plasma. Revamp is a safe, non-surgical, age defying process which injects PRP into various areas of the patient’s face to stimulate collagen production and cell migration, in order to treat wrinkles, acne scars, and give the patient a younger rejuvenated appearance.
How does it work?
The procedure incorporates the use of a micro needling device. The pen consists of 12 micro needles that pulse up & down as the doctor glides it over the patients’ face. It punctures the skin and pushes the PRP substance into the “dermis” (the dense inner layer of skin beneath the “epidermis”). This adds the “Facial to the Facelift.
Why The PRP Facial Works
The PRP contains platelets with growth factors that help to ramp up healing. Growth factors are like espresso shots for cells, causing them to work harder and faster. The end result is rosier, rejuvenated, more naturally youthful and healthy looking skin.
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